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AIGA Monsters

Communications Design Studio III
Team: Maddy Cha, Allissa Chan, Katie Chen, Rachel Glasser

BRIEF: Open ended prompt to visualize the data provided in the 13,514 answers of the 2017 AIGA design census.

We wanted the data to be more “human” and more realistic, to tell the story of each designer who responded to the design census. We depicted the data by associating certain responses with certain visual forms (ie. job satisfaction to head shape), to generate monsters to show a designer’s series of responses. 

We created an interactive web experience where the user can answer a set of questions taken from the AIGA design census, and watch their monster slowly get built and see how many other designers they compare to who took the survey. At the end, they can also explore other designers in their local area. We also have a handheld print component and onboarding video to introduce the project.

MY ROLE: I used python to decipher the .csv from AIGA and gather the necessary data to compare the user’s choices with the responses in the survey. I also worked with my teammate Maddy to code the interactive website using HTML/CSS/JQuery. 

Check out our live website!

Website Walkthrough

WEBDEMOMONSTERS from Katie Cha on Vimeo.

Onboarding Video

AIGA Monsters from maddy cha on Vimeo.

Design Process

Data Analysis To start, we looked at ways we could narrow down the 13000+ responses. We picked out particular questions we felt strongly about as a group and eliminated similar questions. We then mapped body/face features to each of the questions and their answers.

Interim Presentation

Website Wireframing Maddy and I created wireframes when we first thought about the layout of the website and how we could approach showing the comparison of how the number of designers like the user decreases as the user goes through the interactive site.

Maddy’s Wireframes
My Wireframes 

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles