Design + HCI at Carnegie Mellon University


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Hello there! 

I’m a California native and currently a junior in communications design at Carnegie Mellon University, with minors in Human Computer Interaction and IDeATe Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

some personal stuff about me:

I am a proud owner of a beautiful three legged pup and a lover of travelling, food, and shopping! I love watching documentaries, cooking shows, and various crime/drama related shows. 

some more serious stuff about me:
I am interested in working with video editing, interactive design, and commercial branding type projects. At the moment I have background skills in:

  •  digital media (various adobe programs and microsoft word office)
  • programming (html/css, javascript, python, p5.js)
  • some interactive programs (axure, javascript, python)

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Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles